Jegar Pitchforth (Queensland University of Technology): Combining Complex Systems Models for Better International Passenger Processing Operations

Every year over twenty million passengers travel into Australian territory, and the primary channel for their arrival is airport terminals. Given the stringent security and biosecurity regulations required to protect Australia, national border agencies face a significant challenge in processing international passengers within internationally mandated times. To understand this problem, a system of complex systems models has been developed to describe the behaviour of the terminal.
A Bayesian Network Modelling approach was adopted to describe the causal structure of the system, based on existing metric frameworks. While this approach overcame a number of challenges such as modelling the terminal at the flight level and coping with stochastic variability in processing times, including a temporal dimension in the model necessitated the use of other system interpretations that could more appropriately describe system behaviour over time.
By introducing alternative descriptions of the terminal behaviour, we also raise questions as to how to integrate two or more models of a system given there is an intersection in their required data. A number of options are presented along with an overview of how the current work fits with the larger research project, and how this work will be used in the future.

Keywords: Bayesian Network; systems modelling; operations research; airport; model integration; processing